Will the product harm plastics, paint, rubber, metal, chrome, deck surface etc?

Most of our products are formulated to be low-hazard to health and low-corrosive to steel and skin tissue. The products should be applied as per the designed application. Our products will not harm most surfaces if applied properly, but it is always recommended to spot test areas prior to use. The Hull Cleaner should be kept off your sacrificial anodes as pitting may occur. Do not allow prolonged exposure to soft metals such as Aluminum.

What are your products made from?

Each product has various ingredients that have all undergone extensive 3rd party lab testing such as toxicity, irritation, and corrosion testing. We have synthetic acid replacements as well as various biodegradable surfactants in our products as well as synthetic salts.

Can I wash my boat when it is in the water/marina?

Our products are safe for direct release into fresh waterways in small quantities, assuming the effluent does not contain harmful materials (metals, etc). We always recommend you follow your local marina’s policies regarding cleaning your boat in the water and use your best judgement. Always dispose of a chemical in a proper manner, even if it is a safe chemical.

How are your products Low-fuming and Low-Hazard to Health? What do those terms mean?

If a chemical falls below a threshold determined by the government for toxicity and corrosiveness to steel and skin tissue then the product can be classed as low-hazard. Our products do meet this criteria, backed by 3rd party laboratory testing therefore we can legally make such claims.

How do you know your products are environmentally safe?

Our products need to pass a rigorous battery of 3rd party laboratory tests.